Italian Tech Week
Italian Tech Week

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Here you can find information on how to reach us, the structure of the event and all the areas we will be activating during Italian Tech Week.

Our Purpose

We established Italian Tech Week as a premier forum where the brightest minds on the international tech scene gather to delve into discussions on innovation, future trends, and new directions. Italian Tech Week embodies the convergence of the Italian and international startup communities, venture capitalists, cutting-edge companies, institutions, media and all key change-makers. It provides a dynamic platform for dialogue, collaboration, and mutual inspiration, underscoring our dedication to shaping and advancing the global tech ecosystem.
It stands as a testament to our commitment to unite, inspire, and connect the global tech talents; and we would love to have you with us on this mission.

How to join us

Logistic Info

Where: OGR Torino, Corso Castelfidardo 22, 10128, Torino (TO)

When: 25-26-27 September 2024

Italian Tech Week is an event that we strongly encourage to experience in-person to fully capture the event's dynamic atmosphere.
However, if you are unable to join us physically, we've got you covered!
A free live streaming will be available for you on the Homepage of this website, and on La Stampa and La Repubblica online newspapers.

Get your Ticket

The access to Italian Tech Week is free, for everyone.
We proudly offer high-quality content at zero price, thanks to the support of our partners.
Registrations will open in July. You can preregister here

To register to the event, fill out the form that you will find on the website; once your registration is completed you will receive an email with a personal code and a link to download the app; download it before the event and create your own profile.

Venue areas

Fucine Stage

An exceptional stage that can host 1.000+ seats, a huge screen, and an incredible futuristic atmosphere.
Here you’ll find our international speakers from some of the top startups, VCs and corporates out there. Our guests are always ready to share their expertise, participate in interviews conducted by renowned journalists, connect with fellow professionals, and express their points of view on various industries and trends!

Duomo Stage

The perfect place to deep dive into a specific narrow topic in front of a limited number of people, experts in the field. The Duomo stage will host panels for an audience of around 150-200 seats. This smaller, more intimate setting is designed for panels featuring a larger number of speakers, enabling more in-depth discussions and interaction with the audience. This space is dedicated to experts and enthusiasts in a particular field who are keen to engage in panel discussions and delve deeper into a subject.

Masterclass area

Two areas for around 30-40 participants each, where we will host inspiring hands-on masterclasses held by some of the best entrepreneurs and professors.
This is the perfect chance to attend high-quality content for free, and actually leave the venue with new insights and best practices to follow.
Masterclasses are powered by Italian Tech Academy.

PLEASE NOTE: Registration to masterclasses is only available on the app, for free.

Networking Area

This year, we're transforming networking at our event with a New In. Attendees will be provided an App to effortlessly connect, communicate, and schedule meetings with people they want to meet. Indeed, you will find a specially designated area in the venue, ensuring the perfect space for engaging with the right people!

Tech Expo Area and Relaxing Area

In the venue, you will find spaces dedicated to showcasing the latest-in-tech projects and innovative products, offering a unique opportunity for attendees to engage directly with the visionaries and companies that are steering the course of our global future. 
Also, a relaxing area will be available to recharge yourself (and your devices!) during the event.

Food and Beverages

Come on over to the OGR Torino for a quick bite!
The Snodo bar, the restaurant, and the street food selection, specially created for the ITW people, will satisfy even the most demanding palates.
This year we will also focus on sustainability through the food that will be offered: lots of vegetarian and vegan options, of those that even omnivores like! 

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